Furniture Hire in Melbourne Made Easy!

Selling your home? Is it ready for sale? Whilst selling your home, a vast majority of potential home buyers need to have an opportunity to see your property at its very best. Unfortunately most home buyers do not have a clear vision of the potential of your property.

This is where Complete Property Presentations comes in to give our clients a huge edge over the other properties that your potential buyer is looking at purchasing.  By using Complete Property Presentations furniture hire and rental, we can add thousands to your sale price. Contact us now.

How Will Furniture Hire Help?

At Complete Property Presentations, our goal is to maximise the sale price of your property by presenting it at its absolute best.

Please contact us now to arrange your initial consultation today. Within 24 hours of you contacting us, we can arrange one of our highly experienced interior decorators to come out to view the property and give a consultation and quote for a 5 week campaign and you get 1 week free – which is when your marketing photos for the internet and photos for your Board Presentation are done. So your first open house can be ready and looking fantastic.

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